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Standard Warranty

Buyers of purebred, registered boars and gilts buy them to be breeders. Many factors may affect an animal's breeding capabilities. Some problems may be the result of management before sale; some may be hereditary. Because of this, adjustments need to be a sharing of responsibilities.
All purebred, registered swine over four months of age (not used for breeding under seven months of age), sold as breeding animals for breeding purposes, are sold with a warranty that they are capable of breeding and will breed.

If and when any said animal does prove to be non-breeder the following adjustments will be made: A non-breeder will be replaced free with the buyer keeping any salvage value. The buyer will also pay airfreight and insurance on the replacement when it is shipped on a subsequent order.

Know What You're Getting

Once you've chosen a supplier, it's time to choose the animals that have the genetic potential to do the job you want them to do in your herd. It's best to remember that you are not just buying reproduction machines, you are also buying improvements in your own breeding herd. If you buy seed stock carelessly, without knowing what you are getting, you could be buying a lot of problems for yourself. The purchases you make now are an important investment in your immediate future. Determine the weaknesses in your herd and try to select breeds that are strong in those traits.

Handling the New Boar

  1. Buy boars two months before needed for breeding.
  2. Keep boar in isolation from other hogs for 30 days.
  3. Don't use a young boar until seven months of age or more.
  4. Give boar fenceline contact with females for three weeks.
  5. Hand mate one to three gilts thoroughly in heat to start boar.
  6. Keep boars cool.
  7. When pen mating allow one young boar to twelve to fifteen gilts.

Handling Gilts Before Breeding

  1. Don't breed gilts until at least seven months old.
  2. Breed gilts on third heat period or later.
  3. Expose gilts to boar by fence line contact.
  4. Limit feed 200 pound gilts until before breeding.