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Useful Articles

We have assembled several articles for your reading pleasure:

The U.S. Pork Industry's Herd Health Practices
Dr. Beth Lautner, Vice President, Science and Technology
Dr. Dave Pyburn, Director, Veterinary Science
National Pork Producers Council

Exploiting Genetics Through Breeding Programs and Genetic Evaluation
Jim Venner, Ph.D.
Director of Research & Education, National Swine Registry

Meat Quality of Pure Breeds of Swine
Rodney Goodwin, Ph.D.
Director of Research, National Pork Producers Council

Heterosis and its Use in Swine Breeding Systems
National Swine Registry

The Superior Genetic Source for Optimum Crossbreeding Performance
Dr. Lauren Christian, Professor of Animal Science
Iowa State University

Pork Quality Standards Chat
National Pork Producers Council

Crossbreeding Systems
Iowa Purebred Swine Council