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GLOBAL - The Livestock Experts

It is with much pleasure that we introduce you to Global Swine Exchange of Iowa and GLOBAL Livestock. Our purpose is to assist swine producers as well as other livestock producers throughout the world in finding breeding stock. Specifically, stock with superior genetic potential for existing, expanding, or beginning operations. Have you thought about making improvements in your current swine operation? Are you looking for top-producing females and production-tested boars? Have you maintained the genetic background to sire optimum litters of fast-growing, profit-making pigs? Have you considered the many new management, nutrition, and health factors that come with expanding your operation? GLOBAL can help you in all these areas.

GLOBAL is located in the center of the state of Iowa, in the "food basket of the world." Here, agriculture is the basic industry and Iowans are responsible for nearly twenty-five percent of the total swine production in the U.S. Iowa has the largest number of purebred swine producers in the nation and ranks third in dairy production and fourth in beef production. Iowa is the home of the leading agricultural university in the world, Iowa State University. GLOBAL works closely with this university and has access to specialists in all phases of livestock production. The president of GSEI, Monte Lutz, graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in Agricultural Business. If you have had difficulty putting together the high-quality breeding animals you desire, or if you have outgrown your source of superior genetic seedstock, this firm welcomes your inquiry. GSEI has been responsible for three of the four largest swine shipments exported anywhere in the world. Regardless of the size of your needs, we are equipped to assist you.

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